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Free SMS texting, picture messaging, calls and voicemail

TextNOW is one of many free text apps available for the ipad, iphone and android devices but it does have a number of features that make it stand out from the crowd. Run by Enflick, the package includes free SMS texting, picture messaging, calls and voicemail with the only catch being some fairly unobtrusive adverts, which can be switched off for a small fee.

The plan comes with a unique number for each user so that recipients will know who is sending the messages. In turn, the app builds up a contact list for the user and prompts them to add new details every time a different phone number is used. Contacts can be assigned their own ringtone and background.

The app is reasonably user friendly, allowing plenty of space to type messages, despite the banner ads that run across the top, with the keyboard taking up the bottom third of the screen. Features include a choice from twenty one ringtones, personalisation with a custom signature and your own texting address.

Voice calls are free between textNOW users and picture messaging is free to all other numbers as well. This means that users can send emoticons and pictures embedded in their messages as part of the standard service. The messages are transmitted at the same rate as your existing phone package so there is no delay on them being received. The service also includes voicemail and call forwarding.

By accessing textnow.com users can also text straight from their computer or tablet with messages syncing automatically with their phone. There is also the option to earn credits by taking up offers from the featured advertisers, which can be used towards calls or minute packages.

So, textNow offers quite a comprehensive package for those with a high daily text count. It is free to use, being funded by the use of adverts, which can be removed for a small fee. The picture messaging makes it stand out and the personalisation options are a nice touch.

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TextNow - free text + calls


TextNow - free text + calls for Android

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